We love helping!

We love helping at Newlifecycles

So there we are having a cup of tea in the canteen at the warehouse, when a very polite young man asks about the cycle project. He then goes on to tell us his story and could he buy a bike by paying a bit a week. It turns out he is an asylum seeker with his family and they currently have to manage on £150 a week. He is currently enrolled in Coventry College to study motor vehicles so that he can get a job and help to support his family. His father had a stroke and this has left his right side paralysed and left him unable to speak. The young man went on to say that he now volunteers at the food bank and relies on food banks to help with the families food as well as doing his studies. He said that if he had a bike he could travel to college and do the shopping. This would enable him to save the money that he uses on the bus fare to pay for more house hold things for the family.

We were so impressed with the hard working ethos of this chap that we wanted to help. If someone was prepared to volunteer, work and support his family, the least we could do was give him a bike to make life a little easier. He had a look around and chose a bike, the mechanics got to work and we are currently putting it together and servicing it to ensure he has a smooth run.

Once it is completed we will present it to him and his family as our way of saying well done

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