Selcof Delta 56mm Carbon Clincher Front Wheel, Tubeless Tyre Compatible



  • Tubeless compatible
  • Italian inspired design
  • 56mm deep section
  • High Tg resin heat resistant construction
  • Anodized bladed spokes
  • Japanese EZO sealed bearings
  • High pressure rim tape

Product Description

Selcof Delta 56mm Carbon Clincher Front Wheel, Tubeless Tyre Compatible

The Italian mountains are the perfect testing ground for road wheels. To handle the long climbs and long descents that are punctuated by the harsh riding conditions of Italian strade bianche (gravel roads) – wheels must be lightweight, handle heavy braking and rough riding surfaces without compromise.

The Selcof Delta Road Tubeless Wheelsets are constructed from a solid and stiff 56mm carbon fibre, deep section rim. The rim benefits from several grades of carbon fibre and a Tg resin finish that improves its ability to deal with the heat produced during heavy breaking on long descents.

The hubs are stitched to the rim using black anodized, stainless steel bladed spokes – these have been selected to ensure maximum aerodynamics, strength and durability.

All this technology combined produces a durable, lightweight and aerodynamic wheelset that has been optimized for 25mm to 28mm tyres that offer further performance enhancements.

It goes without saying that the design has been inspired by our love for Italian style

A Selcof Delta wheel set retails at £699, front wheels £300, this wheel has a slight scratch hence the reduced price.


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