Cyceops Trainer
Cyceops Trainer box 1


£129.00 £89.99

  • 5 position adjustment magnetic resistance
  • Remote adjuster included
  • Quiet operation
  • CycleOps Original Classic frame
  • Extra wide footprint
  • Cam lever frame lock
  • Folding legs
    Kit Includes
  • Tempo Mag Trainer with Remote Shift Lever
  • Trainer Mat
  • Single Position Riser Block
  • CycleOps Sweat Towel

Product Description

Cycleops H Mag Turbo trainer a great solution to riding in the cold and rain. When you cant or don’t have enough time to get your bike out, riding inside is better than not riding at all. (Also you can watch TV) Tempo Mag Trainer features magnetic resistance unit with five adjustable levels of linear resistance to accommodate your workout. The self cooling design of the resistance unit secures a perfect function, also during intensive workouts. The Tempo Mag Trainer also includes a bar-mounted remote shifter for changing resistance levels while you ride.

A clutch knob allows for an easy adjustment of the roller. You simply adjust the resistance unit once and then lock it into place each time you put your bike on the trainer. The trainer is easy to transport or store because it is foldable.


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