Monday night maintenance Club

maintenance club

About a month ago, I was sitting at the table in our workshop, when Dave turned around and said Bruce has asked if you would take over the maintenance club on a Monday evening. I had no doubt about my answer, YES YES YES.

Now after a month and 3 evening’s under my belt I have to say the guys and lady that have attended have been amazing, we have been going through how to fully safety check your own cycle, how to set up your cycle, I.e. how high your seat should be and some of the torque settings on handlebars.

Tonight was really interesting as we looked at how to correctly put a new chain on, what length it needs to be and a little trick that helps you to be able to put a chain on yourself.

So to all who have attended I just want to say thank you and see you all in two weeks on 30th of April.

If anyone is interested in our FREE Maintenance Club please feel free to get in touch or just come along and say hi over a coffee or tea.


James Rea

NLC Mechanic

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