It’s a sign!

Bruce does get very excited over the most trivial things, however in this case we will give him licence as it is another landmark (bit of a pun there) for Newlifecycles. The new sign has now gone up along side the food bank sign. This means when we are giving out the address we can say Newlifecyles Progress Way Binley Industrial Estate CV3 2NT and people can find us. Well nearly everyone as Bruce’s brother in law still hasn’t got in!

The sign has really put us on the map and we would welcome you to come and visit the workshop. Loads more bikes have been restored and are ready for sale. Come and grab a bargain and remember they all come with a 30 day warranty.

Seriously though we would love to see you at the workshop and now that we are open 5 days a week there is always a day to get there. Do your shopping at the Warwickshire retail park then pop over the road to us.

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