Welcome to our project

We take used cycles and make them new with people who want a new start in life. We give new life to communities by offering affordable servicing, repair and sales as well as giving cycles to organisations or individuals who without us wouldn't be able to enjoy or experience the world of cycling.

See a Bike You Like?

The bikes on this website are for sale, however at the moment we do not take payments through the site, so if you see a bike you like you can reserve it for 2 of our working days.

What do you mean 'your working days'?

We are only open on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. So if you reserve a bike on Sunday we will keep it for you until the end of our 2nd working day which will be Wednesday.

How to Reserve a Bike

Just add it to your basket and follow the reserving process. It will look like you are buying it but will end up just being reserved.

Then you are assured the bike will be reserved for you. Just call in when we are open and make your payment in cash please.