Community at its best

Community at its best

So a gentleman walks into the workshop at Binley with a puncture. The team of highly trained mechanics (yes I wasn’t there) leap into action, it was like a scene from a formula one race pit stop. Wheel off, tyre off, inner tube replaced, tyre on, wheel on invoice prepared ……………….

The gent was homeless and currently sofa surfing. He placed all his change on the counter and it possibly wouldn’t have paid for a cup of tea from the mobile cafe at the end of the road. Our big hearted mechanics took one look and waived the fee. This is community cycling.

As a community project based with the food bank we are also able to offer floating support to help with benefits, food vouchers, clothes, sourcing accommodation and generally any social issue people may be struggling with. This is what our project is about and your generous donations enable us to provide this service.

Our volunteers and the qualified mechanics have a passion for cycles but have a bigger passion to help people, thanks for your support.


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